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Impact of Covid-19 on NHAI

My Dear readers, followers, taxpayers & clients,   Welcome to my blog. Get yourself update with changes in tax structures.  Empty highways...  NHAI losses may amount to over Rs 950 Cr For projects, which are publicly funded and currently being tolled by NHAI (The National Highways Authority of India) through toll contractors will hit by a direct revenue loss for NHAI due to toll suspension.           Covid-19 will impact all segments of infrastructure — roads, transports, airports, and metros. The disruption caused by the pandemic may well roll over into FY 2020-21, which will impact toll collections, airport revenues and ticketing collections of metros. The National Highways Authority of India, known as (NHAI) is estimated to suffer a loss of Rs 953 crore on account of 21 days toll suspension, while there will be a relief to toll road operators as they will be compensated for the loss, due to lockdown to eliminate Covid-19.      According to ratings agen