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  My Dear readers, followers, taxpayers & clients,   Welcome to my blog. Get yourself update with changes in tax structures.  Coming back after a long time...     Many of my clients and well-wishers asked me that, how could I work for 13 to 14 hours? So I have decided to write a blog on this.    There is no special formula or thing behind this. Many of you have already following these secretes. But who does not know about it, then this blog may help them. Secrets Behind My Daily 13 to 14 Hours Working Without Any Laziness……… 1)           Work Is A Worship:-      I always believe in the quote said by Shri. Swami Vivekanand that, “When You Are Doing Work, Do It As A Worship And Devote Your Great Efforts To It For The Time Being.”      By following this quote, every day I do my work (Whatever it is) as worship and with great happiness.   2)          Always Be Become Self-Dependent:-      Never depend on anyone more than you need. Otherwise, you unnecessarily give too