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National Saving Certificates - NSC

My Dear readers, followers, taxpayers & clients,   Welcome to my blog. Get yourself update with changes in tax structures.  National Savings Certificate (NSC) - A GOOD OPTION FOR INVESTMENT & FUTURE SAVINGS Is NSC good option for investment in today’s economic environment? Being a traditional type of investment, NSC may good option if invested by making proper plan. As Government run this scheme, so it is always secured. National Savings Certificate is issued through Post Offices; they are the nodal agency which makes it available to the common public. National Saving Certificates in India is ranked as ‘highly secured’ in the class of Investments. It is an Investment’ which has Tax Advantage while (i) Investing, (ii) during the life and (iii) at the time of maturity of the Investment. Let’s see more about National Saving Certificates. A) Eligible person to invest in NSC:- Only Resident Person can invest in NSC. Non-Resident Indians are not eligible to pu