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My name is Sukumar. I am a Professional  Tax Practitioner and doing tax practice. I also attend various tax related scrutinies, appeals,etc. I have large client base say 700+. I truly believe in hard work and time management. Now a days lot of changes made everyday in various tax corners. So I have decided to write blogs on these changes, so that my readers, followers, clients, tax payers can get updated. So please share my blog as much as possible, so that it can help more people.
My email id is kulkarnisukumar@gmail.com You can contact me on this email.

I am commit to:-
   1.  Uplift High Standards of Honesty and Integrity,
2.  Qualitative Services,
3.  Excel in Professional Services,
4.  Continuous Educating and getting people aware about Tax Environment,
5.  Deliver best services,
6.  Continuous updating of changing in tax structures.


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