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   Many of my clients and well-wishers asked me that, how could I work for 13 to 14 hours? So I have decided to write a blog on this. 

  There is no special formula or thing behind this. Many of you have already following these secretes. But who does not know about it, then this blog may help them.

Secrets Behind My Daily 13 to 14 Hours Working Without Any Laziness………

1)          Work Is A Worship:-

     I always believe in the quote said by Shri. Swami Vivekanand that,

“When You Are Doing Work, Do It As A Worship And Devote Your Great Efforts To It For The Time Being.”

     By following this quote, every day I do my work (Whatever it is) as worship and with great happiness. 

2)         Always Be Become Self-Dependent:-

     Never depend on anyone more than you need. Otherwise, you unnecessarily give too much importance to that one. And depending on that one, you have to work according to his/her time and mood. By this, sometimes your time is wasted for no reason.

     I don't rely too much on anyone because I understand this formula. So all my work is done properly and within sufficient time. 

3)         Do Work With Enthusiasm And Passion:-

     If you want real happiness from the work you do, then do it with enthusiasm and passion. I always do my work from this point of view. 

4)         Time is Capital Of Your Life, So Spend It Wisely:-

     Time is the only thing that once goes, never comes back. So, if you want to do something in time, then always do it with proper time management.

     How much you should give time to your work and how much you actually give now, you know better. In this case, you are your referee.  

     If you want to achieve something in your life, then use your time like you use your money.

     I always think the above quote to spend the time wisely that I have. 

5)         Time For Self:-

     You should always first love yourself. Though you always too much busy with your, but you have to spend some time for yourself. By this, you have got enough positivity and start believing in yourself if not yet.

     I always spend some time like 1 to 1.30 hours with myself. By doing this, I get happiness and positivity to get ready for work. I also see this as a break from work.

     At this time I put my mobile away from me.

a)         Cycling, Exercise:-

    For a strong and better body, you should do daily exercise. Daily I do cycling about 12-15 kms. I feel fresh and positive.

b)       Meditation:-

   Why we do meditation? By meditation your mind get peace and positivity. You can relax our mind by doing meditation on daily basis. If your mind is getting too much heavy and has anxiety, then it is always preferred to do meditation. You can also increase your spiritual power by doing this.

 c)         Having Hobbies:-

   If you want to spend time with yourselves then having hobbies is one of the best options. When your life becomes too overwhelming, your hobbies can help you relax.Doing something you enjoy outside of your work can be beneficial for your mental health. Having hobbies can lower anxiety, lower your stress level, and help cope with depression. Hobbies help you form a life outside of work.

     I have a hobby of drawing. With this, I have the great pleasure of myself. When I draw, I don’t know when time passes. 

6)         Always Sustain Sufficient Distance From Social Media:-

 In today’s environment, Social Media is indeed a part of our life. Mobile has become a need of our life. But we should know how much we should use and depend upon mobile and social media. If we want to move forward into our life then we should not get addicted to these things. Too much use of this causes laziness. I have seen many people’s careeres and lives ruined due to excessive use of mobiles, whtatsapp, facebook, etc. You can use these up to certain limits.      

     I always sustain sufficient distance between me and Social Media. I use mobile, get on social media up to some limit. Rather than using too much of it, I spend that time with my hobbies. As well as I spend time with my friends.

      Lastly, by following all the above, I can work daily up to 13 to 14 hours with great happiness and pleasure.

Thanks to all of You for reading this patiently.

See You all in the next blog.





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